We automate BIM design

We develop software to automate BIM design for all conceivable trades in the AEC industry and offer our products on our Orange Button platform. Are you a manufacturer or end-user of construction products and would you like te know more about the possibilities to collaborate and to experience the power of parametric design? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

“Engineers in the AEC industy have an incredibly difficult job. Every change in design has an effect on multiple other parts in construction. Our goal is to make their lives easier and more efficient by providing a platform that automates BIM design.”

Wim Woermeijer – CEO Orange Button

Orange Button BIM | FS Professional

Run clash detection and insert firestop solutions in BIM, automatically

Our Orange Button BIM is the fastest and simplest way to integrate your firestop design in BIM. Perform data check, run clash detections, generate clash list and insert firestop with access to our Orange Button BIM engine.

Orange Button Office | FS Professional

Generate certified firestop solutions online, automatically

Orange Button Office is the fastest and easiest way to select approved firestop solutions online. Manage your projects, upload clash lists, generate approved firestop solutions and create floorplans with access to our online platform.

Orange Button Field | FS Professional

Manage and document productivity with access to Field

With Orange Button Field, you can manage and document your productivity, track and validate completion rate and check quality of the installed work. Get instant mobile access to BIM to Field functionalities, make photo’s, add tags, document firestop, send and receive notifications and much more!


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