Firestop BIM design software

Orange Button®

We’ve developed a platform to automate BIM design. Our technology enables manufacturers and end-users of construction products to experience the power of parametric design.

Firestop design in BIM,

fully automated

Perform data check

Upload your BIM files, perform a quality check and generate an overview with missing information

The Orange Button software checks the information in your BIM automatically. And enables you to analyse and communicate the results with your stakeholders in a consistent and structured way.

Run clash detection

Identify the exact location of MEP services penetrating fire rated walls and floor in BIM

With Orange Button, you can – automatically – locate the exact position of installations penetrating fire resistant walls and floor with the push of a button. A clash list and clash objects are generated to document and visualize the information and exact location in BIM.

Generate firestop solutions

Import your clash list to our platform and select the approved firestop systems automatically

With Orange Button, you can select certified firestop systems online. The generated firestop solutions have – by default – an integrated advice for drywall assembly, installation support and aperture size. This increases the quality and reduces the costs of firestopping.

Insert firestop system in BIM

Upload the selected firestop solutions with integrated advice in BIM

The – parametric – firestop BIM objects are automatically uploaded and placed in your BIM. Our technology enhances fire safety, improves installation techniques and streamlines the firestopping design process.



Orange Button’s vision is to create a platform to automate BIM design for all conceivable trades in the AEC industry


We focus on digitalization to optimize processes, increase collaboration, and improve efficiency, leading to faster project delivery, reduced costs, increased productivity, and better outcomes.


We focus on standardization to promote consistency, interoperability, and efficiency, enabling smoother project execution, improved quality control, and cost savings.


We focus on automation to enhance productivity, accelerate processes, and reduce human error, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved project outcomes.


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